Memory Map


Unique view

Memory Map displays a big map of all your files. The bigger a file or a folder appears on the screen, the heavier it is on the file system.


Infinitely zoomable

Of course, all your files can't fit at the same time on a phone screen. See all the tiniest files appear as you move your fingers on the screen!


Quick search

Looking for a particular file on this big map can be exhausting, that's why you can quickly search for a file, typing a part of its name.


Color by file types

This coloration mode is perfect when you need to see where and how are the different file types distributed on your disk.


Color by last modification date

That's a very good way to find old and unused files on your file system. Very old files are red, maybe you should consider trashing them!


High contrast mode

Use this mode when you need to see clearly being outside in a very bright light.


In-app preview

Your videos, images, musics... All of these can be previewed directly from Memory Map. Don't waste time switching apps!


Folder composition

What best characterizes a folder is its content, that's why Memory Map displays a nice chart for any folder you're analyzing.