Joan Zapata
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Guillotine preview
Entirely automated android application testing server, generating performance reports for the tested applications more
Guillotine manages multiple connected devices through ADB, it tests APKs by installing them on the device and monitoring RAM, CPU, leaks, crashes, etc.. while smartly simulating touch events or reproducing a pre-recorded touch scenario. Technically, this project was a good fit for me, it required Android skills to know how and what to test on APKs, backend skills to properly architecture the server side and web skills to generate an appealing administration board with many graphs and reports.

1   4 months   JCDecaux   paris  
Creabri preview
Android application used by JCDecaux operators to replace the paperwork needed to send a response to the Paris city bus stops call for tender more
The tablet application allows to fill diagnosis, take augmented reality pictures and annotate the land register for each bus stop, directly on site. On the technical side, this was my first real project deeply based on Reactive Java, and applying all the concepts and metrics from Material Design.

1   2 months   JCDecaux   paris  
Midpic preview
Engage conversation with people using a playful mechanism based on fair trade of selfies more
Developed the Android application, working alongside with two iOS developers to make the app available on both platforms. I learnt a lot from Candyshop and I developed AsyncService to help me develop it faster.

1   5 months   redmill lab   paris   website
S02 preview
S02 side project
Android application to help the users keep track of their progress in their multiple TV shows more
Designed and developed a minimalist app with subtle animations, backed by a cloud backend made with Parse.

1   1 week   play store
Midpic preview
Avalanche Tech Group
Android application prototype tracking the usage of the camera, microphone and GPS to alert the user when one is active more
Developed a proof of concept for the application. The challenge was to bypass the Android platform restrictions to track the camera, microphone and GPS usage. I used the Groovy language on this prototype instead of Java, which was much more readable for all IO operations.

1   2 weeks   avalanche   australia   website
Candyshop preview
Seduction in real life is really hard, Candyshop makes it a lot sweeter and funnier more
Developed the Android application alone, from scratch, catching up on the iOS app started months before me. I mainly used Androidannotations and Spring REST template, I wrote a lot of custom animated components like radio buttons, partially blurred pictures, pictures swipe, etc...

1   5 months   redmill lab   paris   website
Design My App preview
Design My App
Online tool to quickly generate a fully working Android app based on open data services, CSV files, or Open Office documents more
Developed the initial website using AngularJS, and the backend written with Spring and RESTEasy. The backend includes an Android application generation engine, which generates apps based on the user selected data and settings.

2   3 months   ebiz   paris   website
Memory Map preview
Memory Map side project
Android app that helps users with insufficient disk space to remove their biggest files through an interactive view more
This app made me go through the whole lifecycle of a product on my own. I went from the initial idea to the final release, including the design, development, communication and monetization. Technically, I learnt a lot about the Android Canvas API and rendering optimization, which is crucial for creating graphically unique animated custom components.

1   since 2013   110,000 users   play store
JCDecaux Developer preview
Jcdecaux Developer
All bike sharing service data made available to all developers through a dedicated website and API more
Graphically designed and developed the website with AngularJS and a java backend based on Spring and RESTEasy. Managed user registration, API key generation, the interactive documentation for developers and an administration interface.

2   1 month   jcdecaux   paris   website
Livetouch preview
Fully connected 42" tactile screens embedded into JCDecaux bus shelters, kiosks, toilet facilities more
Designed, developed and deployed in production a distributed system with many actors :
— A real-time administration interface written with GWT
— A distributed server with webservices based on Spring
— An Android service running as root on all devices
— MQTT brokers for real-time communications
— Cassandra databases for usage stats and logs
— A MySQL database for relational data

4   2 years   jcdecaux   paris   about livetouch
VuzZz preview
VuzZz side project
Winner app of the Global Android DevCamp 2012 Paris, it gives a rating to any place, based on the density and quality of public services around it more
VuzZz was developed during a hackaton in Paris. The theme was open data, we had to find an idea and publish an app within 48 hours. I worked both on the server side — Play Framework, hosted in the cloud —, and on the Android side. Funny fact, we published the app so quickly in the last seconds of the event that we could never find the keystore password afterwards. The initial version is therefore set in stone, no update can ever be made!

4   48 hours   paris   website
Capico preview
A digital workbook for a class of student, with lessons and exercises, and real-time feedback for the teacher more
Developed the Android application from scratch with another developer, as two others developed the iOS app. Also worked on the server side, used TDD, written unit and functional tests on both server and Android sides. The app is no more on the Android store, you can find the iOS link below, for reference.

2   5 months   ebiz   paris   apple store
Capico preview
Polytech Nantes
Engineering degree in computer sciences
Options software and network more
Software engineering, networks, data mining, signal processing, applied Mathematics,... My last internship was in Utah, USA, where I developed a training program written in Flex for the aviation department of the Utah Valley University, including a lot of gamification.

5 years   Nantes   website
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